Cherishing Friendship

My former Special Officer, Faisal Jamaluddin, had to undergo a pacemaker operation at Institut Jantung Negara, Kuala Lumpur on 28 August, 2018. It must be one hell of  an experience for this young man to go under the knife. On the other hand, he must be happy to meet his former office colleagues from the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

It was sort of a down the memory lane meeting. We talked about the good old days when we were attached to the Ministry. Funny though, why were the “bad” old memories now have turned to be good ones and laughable, in fact. As the proverb goes – To err is human, to forgive is divine.


The three individuals in the above pix were my former Special Officers in the course of my duty as the Secretary General. Shiefa (in scarf) is the more “stable” one and full of ideas. She would be narrating me about her thoughts on almost everything under the sun. Neila is a “hurricane” who speaks like the Japanese bullet train Shinkansen. Glad indeed that she is now on the stage of international arena. Faisal is an observer and an analytical individual. He would summarise his thoughts and propose the next move. Having said all these, I wonder where my “diva”ness had gone with my inner circle then who seemed to dominate on me.


The others who came to visit Faisal were Alice Suriati, Raha, Azian and Siti. They have come in solidarity to cherish the friendship that we have built over the years. As they say – A friend in need is a friend indeed. Let’s all cherish our friendships and place them high on the pedestal.

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