Rendezvous with Shiefa & Mimi

This is my FIRST blog posting. I decided on this upon my retirement and also that I have all the time in the world to spend on my favourite pastime that is writing.

Today, I had a wonderful time with my two buddies, Shiefa and Mimi at Busaba Thai Restaurant, Bangsar Shopping Complex. We had such a great time talking and giving birth to ideas. We discussed on women and social enterprise, my favourite subject for that matter. We talked on social enterprise and its sustainability to our women and also the young generation. At the end of the day, I was sooooo exhausted.  PHOTO-2018-08-31-15-57-59.jpg

I was so surprised, they were  so thoughtful; I was truly humbled when they presented to me gifts from Yayasan Innai Merah. It is a foundation established about 4 months ago and it has blossomed into an efficient organisation assisting the needy, especially the marginalised women. Proud of them. Keep it going girls!!


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