Leaving on a jet plane… 🛫✈️ 🛩

We are packing up and readying ourselves to “balik kampung” tonight. After one month and two weeks, dearest hubby and I are leaving for the United States, specifically San Diego. It’s gonna be a long long flight; almost 17 to 18 hours.

The days in Malaysia were spent with meeting relatives and friends. Nice to touch based with them and updating each other on one’s activities. Time flies too fast, the next thing I knew, I had to rush and did the normal errands: paying the bills and the utilities, ensuring that we did not miss on anything.

And, of course, the food! This is a mandatory activity in Malaysia. Everyday we would find and explore some eating places for our lunch and dinner. Malaysia is a haven for food. This I can definitely vouch for without hesitation. If you think only Malaysians in Malaysia have a love affair with food, you are totally wrong here. Every part of the world where there are Malaysians, food is definitely big on the agenda. This is also happening to my dear Malaysian buddies in California. Food is a natural outlet for networking amongst Malaysians living overseas.

Enough said, the biggest pull factor actually for the hubby and me to rush back to San Diego is, of course, Rodney Rayyan Wilson. We miss him so much and the everyday conversation between Aki (grandpa) and Wan (grandma) has been centralised on Rodney Rayyan. He is now three and a half months old. Okay Rodney Rayyan, Aki and Wan are coming back to cuddle you. ❤️❤️


Wan (grandma) and her beloved cucu (grandson).







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