The EAGLES have landed…

Flashback to the good old college days

It was in 1977 and the location was in the hostel room of  Third College aka Tunku Khursiah College, University of Malaya, Malaysia. A 19 years old Malaysian girl was absorbed; listening intently to the songs played on a cassette player. That young girl was yours truly. I was in my first year of university then.

And, oh yes, did I mention cassette? During the time we did not have CDs. Cassette player was the most update technology that a teenager could own in the late 1970s. I kept rewinding the song that I was so focused on listening to. Yes, for us those days to repeat listening to a song, we had to rewind the cassette.

The one song that I was trying hard to remember the lyrics on that specific day was Hotel California. That was a killer song by a newly renowned American group called the Eagles. Not only was I trying to remember the song but the lyrics seemed to be a “dark” one, I was trying to understand it too. If anyone were to ask me what song would strike you if you were to remember your university days. Without hesitation, it has to be Hotel California. 

A Dream Fulfilled

Tonight, my dream to listen live to the song Hotel California was finally fulfilled. I was amongst the thousands of the baby boomers at the Eagles Concert on 22 September in San Diego. It was like a dream come true to sing together with Don Henley, the 71 years old lead singer and writer of the song. It was touching to the core. 

Originated from Los Angeles, this group had evolved through break-ups and reformation.The Eagles beginning started from country rock genre during the 1970s, capturing the youth imagination of the American Dream. These young people have now graduated to be baby boomers who are easily taking matters in their hands. So, the famous song – Take It Easy. 

The Eagles on stage at Padre Stadium, San Diego on 22 September 2018

The original members of The Eagles were Don Henley (Texas), Glenn Frey (Detroit0, Bernie Leadon (Minneapolis) and Randy Meisner (Nebraska). The members who joined later were Joe Walsh (Kansas), Don Felder (California) and Timothy Schmit (California). The latest addition to the concert last night was Deacon Frey, the 25 year old son of the late founder of the Eagles, Glenn Frey, who passed away in 2016. It was a recognition given by the legendary members to install Deacon Frey to be the future legacy of the group. 

Music to my ears

My eyes and ears were totally for the Eagles last night. It was a long journey in life (for me at least) to be able to watch and listened to a live concert of my favourite group during my teenaged years in 1977. To be exact, it spanned 41 years down the road before I could watch the concert of my favourite band. 

Joe Walsh was just beyond imagination with his guitar performance. You are talking about a 71 year old man who still has the passion and energy to perform on stage for more than two hours. I was totally in awed of him. 

The awesomeness of Joe Walsh

My All-time favourite: Hotel California

The minute Don Henley belted the song Hotel California on stage, the audiences screamed and sang together. I felt my adrenaline rush and goose bumps. I was listening live to a song that I grew up during my college days. It exudes fond memories of me as a happy go lucky college girl, living up to the expectations of my environment – socially and culturally. How could one not relate to that phase of one’s life. 

Don Henley belting out Hotel California

The band’s Hotel California was a soft rock masterpiece. The lyrics were written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey. Both did not realise that the song would be the most famous recording by the group, winning the Grammy Award for the record of the year in 1978.  Many interpretations were made out of the lyrics. First, the title itself had to be Hotel California by the fact that the group throughout the years had made Los Angeles its based. Also, it says about the high life in Los Angeles.

Other famous songs belted by the Eagles last night were Desperado,  New Kid In Town, Take It Easy, Tequila Sunrise and One Of These Nights. Deacon Frey sang Take It Easy, the song used to be sung by his late father Glenn Frey. A spitting image of Glenn, Deacon’s presence in the Eagles was appreciated by the Eagles fans.

Deacon Frey, the son of one of the founders of the Eagles, the late Glenn Frey. 

The Baby Boomers reactions

Talking about the concert, the fans had to endure more than 2 miles line of waiting. One big observation that I made was a huge percentage of the concert goers were from the baby boomers generation.

The long line to enter the concert venue

They had come in droves to watch their favourite band. Finally, the Padres Stadium (baseball), for the first time witnessed the most presence of the “elderly group” (grandmamas and grandpapas) in the venue. Baby boomers rock!

It was a baby boomers night
We got ourselves the Eagles symbolic souvenir. Yeayyy…

A portion of the Hotel California lyrics:

“On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair

Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air

Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light

My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim

I had to stop for the night.

There she stood in the doorway;

I heard the mission bell

And I was thinking to myself

‘This could be heaven or this could be Hell’

Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way

There were voices down the corridor,

I thought I heard them say

Welcome to the Hotel California

Such a lovely place (such a lovely place)

Such a lovely face.

Plenty of room at the Hotel California

Anytime of year (anytime of year) you can find it here…”


Thank you for reading, guys.

Noorul Ainur

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