Part 2 #NohaNoorulExplorers : ITALY- Murano and Burano

Pix 1: A romantic setting of colourful houses in Burano.

Day 4 – March 5, 2019


It took the hubby and me about three days of intensive walking to complete almost all the tourists spots in the city of Venice. The only transportation in this city of canals is your two feet. No other mode of transportation is available. Gosh, I have never acquired so many footsteps in a day with my FitBit.  

Next, we decided to go to Murano which is located in Venice itself. To reach the destination, we had to take a boat ride about 10 minutes from Venice.  I believe ladies who are into the Pandora bracelets know what Murano glass trinkets are. Murano costume jewellery is famous worldwide.

Pix 2: Costume jewellery made of Murano glass on display in Murano.

Murano is strongly associated with the glassmaking industry. The industry had been existence since  the sixteenth century in this quaint town. The respective century was the golden age for Venetian glassmaking in Murano. 

Pix 3: Unique designs of wall clocks made from Murano glass.

As the story goes, Murano became famous by default. Glassmaking industry started in Venice, but the authorities then were afraid that furnaces used to make molten glass were a fire hazard to the city of Venice. That was the main reason the furnaces were moved to Murano island. Interestingly enough, it became an International trading port during the time, establishing trading partners with Spain and Ottoman of Turkey.

Until today, Murano continues to prosper in the production of quality glassmaking. The word “Murano” itself became an international brand. Definitely, it is also linked to classy and quality.

Pix 4: The intricate designs of Murano glasses
Pix 5: High quality products of Murano glassmaking

I love the serenity of Murano township. The glassmaking artisans themselves are located in this town.  Although I was made to understand during my factory visit that the numbers are fast depleting. 

Pix 6: The Murano glassmaking factory; the hot furnace is erected in the background.

During a factory visit, I witnessed the actual processes of the glassmaking industry. I was fascinated with the artisans on the job. The art of glassmaking in Murano is tedious, I must say. For them, the details and product quality matter. The workers personally tend to each product. No conveyor belt processes, definitely. As such, it is no surprise that The quality end products are of high quality and and sold at high prices.

Pix 7: Accommodations for the elderly artisans in Murano


From Murano, we took a boat to another island called Burano. It took us about 40 minutes ride to the destination.

The minute I stepped into Burano, what struck me most was its colourful houses. The houses built along the canal, which was located in the middle of the town, were painted with striking colours. Tourists visit the place purely to enjoy the ambience of the colourful houses.

Pix 7: The hubby capturing the exotic and colourful houses with his camera.


Pix 8: One for the album with the colourful houses.

Burano is also famous for its lacemaking. The lacemaking artisans can be seen embroidering in their small shops. It is a heartening sight to watch them (mostly elderly ladies) educating and even explaining to tourists on the art of lacemaking.

Pix 9: Lace collection on display

Based on my experiences in both the artisan towns of Murano (glassmaking) and Burano (lacemaking), the towns are established to conserve its heritage, including the people experts in the respective businesses. 

Pix 10: Umbrellas made of laces. 


Conservation of traditional arts and designs plays a role in attracting tourism in both towns. Simultaneously, due recognition is given to the elderly artisans who are contented living in the environment that accommodate their needs. Besides, they bring the revenues to the Italian government’s coffers.

My take on my experience is that maybe Malaysia or any nation can emulate such a move for the betterment of elderly living as well as providing a contented live to our elderly citizens. 

Thank you for reading, guys. Have a nice day.



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