A Pitstop at My Life

The Beginning of a New Year

It was on December 25, 2019. It was snowing heavily outside the cabin. I watched the wild white flurries falling endlessly on the trees and rooftops. No, this is not in Malaysia. I was in the deep suburbs of Idyllwild, California.

I love the polka dot scarf!

A few more days or rather counting the days to the new year, I tried hard reflecting on my 2019 involvement. I reflected on my journey, I would say that it was all the way a learning journey for me. The year 2020 was just round the corner and I was waiting for it full anticipation.

Truly awesome, right?

Knowledge Rules

Since my retirement in May 2018, I have been on a nonstop journey of acquiring knowledge. I know for a fact, one needs to refuel one’s mind to ensure that one is not isolated from the happenings of the world. Or rather, for one to be relevant. I am that category of person who loves knowledge and, for sure, I know that I won’t want to lag behind with regard to my grey matter.  

Thank you, the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development for the invitation to be a panelist. 

There I was in 2019, receiving invitations to be speakers and panelists in 2019. Reflecting on my journey in 2019, I realised that sharing knowledge via speaking was a worthy contribution at national and global levels. I am honoured and grateful for the recognition given to me on the activities.

Precious Family Time

The beginning of the year 2019, I have had thoroughly indulged myself with the family in San Diego, California. My two daughters and their hubbies plus a baby grandson live there. I had promised myself that upon retirement I would spend as much time with them as possible. This was to compensate for the lost years when my girls were living apart from us since their college days in the USA.

On the invitation of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship Development. Thank you!

It had been awhile when the empty nest syndrome struck me and the hubby. It went back since 2002. The girls were studying in the USA and they have been independent ever since. Since they were the “third culture kids”, they were internationalised in their outlook of life. In a way, I am glad that they were flexible minded and I reckoned then that the kind thinking would be appropriate for their survival whilst living overseas on their own.

Since my working days as the civil servant of the Government of Malaysia, I would try my best to insert my presence in my daughters’ life. Especially during the Eid Day, I would celebrate the grand day in the USA, enjoying the Malaysian cuisines and, of course, the Malaysians diaspora. Speaking of them, I have a lot to be thankful to this group of individuals. They have been instrumental in making life easier for me and the family when we are overseas. 

I go back to Malaysia often, attending meetings where I have designations as the Chairman and Board of Directors of entities. Although, I must admit that life is on a quieter side ever since my retirement, but that does not stop me from continuously acquiring knowledge.

Reading, Reading, Reading…

The spare time that I have, I would indulge into reading. I was a voracious reader during my younger days. In the 1970s, I truly enjoyed reading James Clavell’s novels – Tai Pan, Noble House, King Rat and Shogun. I loved The Carpetbaggers and Never Love a Stranger by Harold Robbins. I believe I have read all the novels by Sidney Sheldon – The Other Side of Midnight, If Tomorrow Comes and many others. 

IMG_9604 2
A talk on Climate Change at the Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women’s Association (PPSEAWA).

Now, how did my love for reading begin? My late father, Mohd. Nur Haji Osman, loved for reading made it possible for me to follow the reading journey. He had a collection of Agatha Christie’s novels. I remember they were stacked nicely on the book shelves of our house. Before I even started to know to read, I would be admiring the covers of the books. When I was able to read, the Agatha Christie’s novels were the first ones that I would reach out to. The most remembered titles of Agatha Christie were Murder On The Orient Express and The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side.

Networking in my life

Enough of books. Now back to the reality of my present life. For me, a person passes by the different phases in his or her life. I had undergone my school days with beautiful memories still etched firmly in my mind. My primary school friends are still with me – Norinchun Hj. Salleh, Chan Chooi Yim, Hoh Pau Lin, Loh Poh Kuen and Chiew Hui Yim. My campus days were full of adventures with Napisah Zakaria and meeting people who later became part of my adult life. My working days in the civil service were challenging and I loved every bit of it. My colleagues were ever ready to assist me. Yes, I have always been a positive individual and I have no complaints of the phases of my life. Maybe a few pitfalls. So what? People encountered problem, but that does not disrupt the journey of their life.


Having said all this, I truly am blessed in my life thus far. I hope to inject more positive energy in facing the new decade of 2020. I know it is going to be fun and full of hurdles (it’s okay). So hey, bring it on!! 


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