SCORCHING HEART

Whilst the eyes are streaming on the beacon

The heartbeat goes a thudding to the symphony

Agony whistling through the empty tunnel

Knocking on the sympathy of life

Heralding the once trodden path

That was shunned by others

Slowly, tiredness…

Goes back to a reflection 

Of once what it should have been

The beautiful journey of love…

The stars emboldened by the whispering winds

Whistling the melody of love 

Derided of suspicious minds

It was only about the enraptured

Bleeding heart

Escapades of a human being

Scorching heart lays awaiting

But surely will be awakened again…


12 February 2016, Kuala Lumpur ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Lonely Hearts…

The whistling of casual winds

Softly, slowly, brushing off

The steps of love

Once poignantly encased 

In the story of heart wealth

Wherein we go

From here to the pedestal of sanity 

The lashing of casual small waves

Lapping against the still beaches

The return of love

Once embedded in the deep oceans

Stood still with timeless feelings

The journey of love begins

Yet again…

Noorul Ainur Mohd. Nur

3 January 2016




As the dampened rustling leaves

Speaks the voice of nature

The droplets of rain appeared to refresh

A lifetime of weaknesses setting back the memories

Fear not, for there is living beyond

Or, there would not be laughter after the tears,

Or, there would not be smile after the sadness,

Or, there would not be sunshine after the rain,

Or, there would not be regrets after the wrongs,

Or, there would not be peace after war

Looking beyond

The purity of life weathers the challenges 

Welcome 2018

Noorul Ainur Mohd. Nur

Banjaran Hotsprings, Ipoh




In rhythm with the drizzling rain 

Engulfing the dread coloured 

Otherwise blue skies

Here, alone…

Stood the strengths of trees

Watchful, mindful, wistfully


The nudity of the branches

Stripped of their every leave 

Stark naked to the bark

Giving hope

To their blushful selves

Maybe in spring…

Noorul Ainur Mohd. Nur

Monterey, California

December 2016

Positivity encapsulated…

Cuddling oneself 

Trodden path as far as eyes can capture

A ghastly thought of life

Venturing into one being, slowly

But, definitely 

Changing the paradigm 

Of one’s journey ahead

The setting sun

Blinking its way 

Beyond the horizon

Stood still, a powerful oneself

Recovering the energy 

Perspires the return thought

Positivity of oneself 

Alas, the fight is monotonous

The need is repetitive 

But, the positivity energised 

With a thousand miles set

No one can question

The positivity of one’s step… 


Kuala Lumpur 

February 1, 2017



The beaming water greets the blue skies

As the grey skies make way

For darken clouds to appear

Signalling the closure of life

Emboldened by uncontrolled nature

The splashing of soft waves

Has now turned violent with bigger splashes

A lonely figure

Witnessed the decision of the Almighty

Conveying to the world 

No one is above HIM

Peeping through one’s journey of life

Derailing trodden paths 

Behest with natural beliefs 

Of what life stands for

Surrounded by questions

Reducing life to ashes

Circulating the orbit with scientific understanding

Engulfing knowledge of the world

Stay true to oneself

Is the believer in the Almighty


15 April 2017

On flight MH.  to London



It was the same old road

The dust had settled in 

The baby steps that were made

In sync with my blooming yearsonce 

The air that I breathe

Justified upon the rooted minds

The journey seemed passable 

The infinity of blue skies seemed eternity 

The raindrops seared through my heart

Barrenness of feelings 

Knocking upon my consciousness 

They say — life is a destiny 


Hyde Park, London


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